CCM Abutment

Reference code: AANCAH4012L
Connection Type

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Profile Diameter Cuff Height Post Height Connection Type Reference Code
4 1 11.0 Hex AANCAH4012L
Non-Hex AANCAN4012L
Alle maten zijn in millimeters


  • Multi Post Screw (AANMSF/AANMST) included.

  • Useful to make a customized abutment in difficult situations.

  • Can be casted with non-precious alloys (Ni-Cr, Cr-Co alloys).
  • Non-precious melting temperature: Depend on Manufacturer
  • Threaded sleeves for convenient Resin/Wax-up.
  • Melting temperature of CCM: 1300~1400┬░C
  • Recommend torque: 35Ncm
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